life."...whatever life throws at you, deal with it. Adjust. Nobody said this was going to be a picnic." A picnic is precisely what you would like to share with Pete. He will perhaps treat you to some of his poetry, or in turn; he might share one of his entertaining stories. Plus, did we mention he's handsome!?

He also wrote one of the most swoon worthy tributes to his wife of over 30 years, Judy, or as he affectionately calls her, Jude. So reader, you have here a book that shares a passion for life, the importance of family, the rewards of hard work, a dedication to the land, his country and his family, with a strong purposeful voice that is at times funny, touching and often both. Pete takes you on a walk through his thoughtful, well lived life, and the joyous paths that are still to come.

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"Thus far, it's been a life richly lived."

From parents and grandparents, through two wars, throw in siblings and many great buddies, a little moonshine, odd jobs, a lady who "passed" the test, with some well-earned advice, and you get Pete Tucker's wonderful book "Memoirs of a Jersey Farm Boy." Pete Tucker invites his readers to take a stroll down his memory farm lane. He will take you through his impressive life on the farm and share all the sage advice that comes with time and energy well spent. As a life-long owner of his family's farm in Pittstown, Pete recalls many of his experiences, on and off the farm, that he attributes the many accomplishments and rewards he has received in his 

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