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Ye Olde Sub Base Beer Cheese Soup

C.G. Wolfe

We were chasing a woman with a mill on her head through historic Clinton (it was actually an incredible, wide-brimmed hat with a replica of the Clinton Red Mill built on top - we never did catch up with her) when we decided to grab a bite at “Ye Olde Sub Base” in the center of West Main Street. This kitschy little eatery has a cult following in Clinton and if you’ve ever had one of their Sloppy Joes or other signature subs, you’d know why. Despite the heat outside, we came here on this muggy summer day for a bowl of their famous “Beer Cheese” soup.

“My daughters’ love the Beer Cheese soup,” said Rich Reiner, who was waiting for a Sloppy Joe and has been eating at the Sub Base for almost 20 years.

The recipe was brought here 18 years ago by owner, Scott Rosso, and is now a standard menu item. Made fresh daily, they sell gallons of this stuff on a typical day. Creamy, smoky, and savory, with a little heat, the recipe includes prosciutto, green bell peppers, onions, a blend of cheeses, a shake or two of red pepper flakes, and Yuengling. Served with a fresh roll for $4.95, it’s the best bargain in town. (Looking for something a little more off the charts? Mix a bowl of the Beer Cheese soup with a bowl of the Sub Base’s homemade chili! Did somebody say munchies?)

Ye Olde Sub Base , 29 W. Main Street, Clinton, NJ.