A Journey Back to Pluckemin...

Pluckemin was a bustling crossroads during and after the Revolution, and a place rich in lore where a host of colorful characters dwelled. Chief among them was a tavern keeper named Christian Eoff (1762-1847) who owned a "low-slung" establishment near the crossroads known as "The Barracks."Read More


The Wreck(s) of the Rock-A-Bye Baby

Wherever rails traverse the countryside, legends are soon to follow. In the Tewksbury/Peapack/Mendham area, it’s the late Rockaway Valley Railroad, a shortline railroad that ran from Whitehouse Station to Watnong, near Morristown, stopping at stations along the way in Oldwick, Pottersville, Peapack, and Mendham, that captures the imagination of local steam train enthusiasts... Read More



What attracts you to the Black/Lamington River region? When you leave, what do you miss? What beckons you to return? These stairs that you see in my photo lead to a beach in Maine where I used to spend summers as a child, and, on occasion, I have returned to this place as an adult. It’s an amazing area, but I realize that while these stairs lead down to the beach, they also allow me to begin my journey back home.Read More


"We're All a Little Hoi Polloi in Some Way..."

They’re the pajama-clad party band that’s been rocking New Jersey and beyond since 1991. With a playlist of over 700 songs and the musical ability to master it, they’re the wedding band that you actually can’t wait to hear! From your favorite tavern or club to private gigs, they are the versatile, talented, fun-loving, frenetic, life-of-every-bash – HOI POLLOI (pronounced "HOY-puh-LOY)! Read More


The Next Generation of American Studio Craftsmen

The Collective Studio show room is spartan and unadulterated, there is no need for accent pieces or ancillary décor - the furniture stands on its own. The show room has the stripped-down chic feeling of an urban gallery exhibit, but this isn’t Chelsea or Tribeca, this is New Jersey horse country. The rich, figured hard woods that are the soul of each design, are salvaged from local forests, fields and farms, and the furniture reflects the region itself... Read More 


The Warm Glow of a Well-Appointed Cocktail Bar

For those of us fortunate enough to reside in the bosom of Eden itself, Somerset County, NJ, there exists a magical place, replete with majestic trees, rolling hills, almost certainly wood nymphs and fairies, and a luminous fountain brimming over with, what else, Champagne. Ok, that may be a slight exaggeration. There is, however, a really gorgeous cocktail bar set inside a farm-to-table restaurant on a magnificent hilltop...Read More 


The Jacobus Vanderveer House & Museum: 

Making History Fun

From the onset of the American Revolution, the crossroads village of Pluckemin, in Bedminster Township, New Jersey, witnessed the war firsthand as British raiders skirmished with local militia, burned mills along the North Branch of the Raritan, vandalized and desecrated the church, and captured local patriots...  Read More 


Chef Ethan Oh’s Tenderhill Gnocchi:

A Pillowy Potato Dumpling for All Seasons

 “Tenderhill is a restaurant driven by the seasons. We respect the ingredients we use and are passionate about creating dishes that are in harmony with nature,” said Chef/Owner Ethan Oh. The menu at Tenderhill offers something unique yet keeps things approachable by taking modern day comfort foods and putting a little spin on them... Read More


Winter on the Refuge

“I love the serenity of winter on the refuge,” said Lia McLaughlin, Deputy Refuge Manager of Great Swamp NWR. “Crisp, cold mornings, where the frost gathers on the brush and grasses are my favorite. You can see birds flying from branch to branch, and hear every rustle and crackle of leaf and twig as the squirrels, voles, and, if you are lucky, weasels and foxes forage for food.”  Read More 


Simple Gifts

With the golden glow of autumn foliage as a backdrop, two girls riding atop a lumbering horse-drawn farm wagon emerge from the apple-laden trees of a bustling orchard. They’re dressed in simple, homespun dresses and their image could easily pass for a postcard from Amish country, but we’re in Califon, NJ...
Read More


Fly Fishing in Winter is About Simplicity and a Little Planning

The leaves sloughed under my feet as I hurriedly made my way down the woodland path. It was late November and the afternoon light was fleeting, already sunset was passing. Squirrels busied themselves single-mindedly searching and burying hickory, acorns and walnuts. I wondered how many might they forget to dig up. So many trees owe their start to the absentmindedness of squirrels.  I was dressed for the cold and for fly fishing so the absurdity of my appearance only gave them momentary pause. There was no real plan, just get to the next likely pool and hopefully connect with a trout.  Read More​

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