A New Album

by Singer/Song Writer

Gordon Thomas Ward

Review By C.G. Wolfe

Storyteller, Gordon Thomas Ward, has returned from the studio with another gorgeously produced album, Providence, once again showcasing his multi-stringed artistry and poetic, folk lyricism. In the true vein of the Celtic bards, high lonesome Appalachian pickers, and American balladeers, Ward weaves a tapestry of emotions and poignant visualizations, exploring, as no other local 

artist can, the mystical realms of our area’s colorful past in his haunting tale “The Horseman,” and offering unique perspectives on American historical events in his first-person narrative - “The Cruelest Work,” a heartbreaking chronicle of the “Trail of Tears,” as seen through the eyes of a battle-hardened veteran of the Civil War. 

Ward also stirs our collective conscience, hitting on contemporary themes of child abuse in his dark but courageous song, “Providence,” and senseless gun violence, in his beautifully vocal and string driven lament, “How Many More?.” With grace, empathy, and acoustic sincerity, other songs on the album, such as “Saint Agnes,” “One Kiss,” and “Lamington Dew,” beckon listeners to embark on a familiar journey into the human soul, carrying us along in reflective compositions about time, fear, longing and loss, and the ultimate triumph of love. Look for Providence at your favorite online music site or visit


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